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Neurologists MIND BLOWN: Revolutionary pillow is hailed as “the holy grail” for sleeping disorders


Reset your sleep cycle and sleep better with this hi-tech pillow is changing the way people fall asleep with amazing results… Finally experience a balanced body and mind during the day.

Having a hard time falling asleep and feeling like a zombie? Most likely you may be dealing with insomnia, like millions of others in the United States... Scientists claim that this hi-tech pillow could put pharma companies out of their extremely lucrative sleeping pill business. We have tested it.

Stop wasting your money away on useless solutions to sleep. Don’t spend thousands or more on a new mattress or high price pharmaceuticals. We have taken a look at a powerful solution that costs only a few pennies. We wish you sweet dreams!

Counting sheep, rolling and turning in bed until the sheets are upside down and the first sunbeams hit your window? Stop doing it and return to your desired quiet nights.

It’s a hard day’s night

Incredibly comfortable and relaxing

We all know how hard a workday can be when you don’t sleep properly, not only will the body not rest during the night, but during the day, you’ll also suffer from sleep deprivation symptoms like fatigue, neck pain, mood changes, even weight problems, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, and in the most serious cases paranoia or hallucinations.

Obviously, this hurts your performance at work, in the gym, with your kids and grandkids and you just don’t have the energy to handle it all.

If you’re experiencing this don’t worry anymore, we have a new different but simple solution that works and is already saving the nights and days of millions around the world.

How, you ask? technology has been perfected to guarantee a perfect night’s sleep, every night. SleepNow has created an innovative pillow with a 3-in-1 construction so you can choose between soft, medium, or firm, depending on your sleeping needs and helps you get a better rest while alleviating pain. According to Sleep experts in Germany, at night your brain stops working to regulate your body temperature, even that needs a break. This is why it’s so important that the external factors in your sleep environment (your body temperature, clothing, and bedding) are tailored to your needs to keep your cool and comfortable.

Take a deep breath... and sweet dreams

Its revolutionary 3 in 1 design adjusts to your fit you and your sleep position to insure your neck and spine are in a perfect sleep position

Can a simple pillow help you keep your body aligned and comfortable to sleep perfectly? Totally! Meet SleepNow™, your new sleep doctor. Just put it directly into your pillowcase or even sleep directly on it for a better night's sleep.. It can be adjusted to the perfect size to fit within a standard pillowcase as well.

Even Mr. Sandman is using it! SleepNow™ will give you sweet dreams at night and a dream life during the day. Customers that used it in our tests, said they haven’t had such a quiet night in years and they woke up with less pain and discomfort, especially in the neck and spine area. It’s easy to sleep at night with SleepNow™ and restore the balance and rest that your body needs to live a healthier life in a tuned body and mind!

But wait there’s more: SleepNow™ innovative technology adapts to your sleep environment so you can use it at any stage in life. So, you can lay like a log, or toss and turn as much as you’d like, and still wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated!


  • Versatile - Can be used for all body & sleep types!
  • Extra protection against bacteria & non-allergenic
  • Allows moisture and vapour to escape, for a cleaner, fresher pillow
  • Customizable to fit your sleeping needs; relieving aches, pains, and sore muscles
  • Invented by neurologists and sleep experts

Balance your sleep, body and mind

Made with a combination of extra-long and extra-soft fibers and a unique blend of hypoallergenic material.

What do you have to do to tune your sleep, your body and your mind? Purchase it right away, because the stock is limited, wait for it to arrive, start using it and rest like never before. All night long!

If you’re eating healthy and exercising, but your body is not balanced, the missing piece might be in your sleep. SleepNow™ is the solution to take back your sleep and live a happy life. Don’t look any further. We have the right solution for the desired good night sleep that makes you want to live your life… all day and all night.

Stop what you’re doing, and restore your sleep. We are receiving so much positive feedback from thousands of happy customers, and with that we want more and more people to enjoy the benefits of SleepNow™ with a special discount, so why not take advantage of it as well? Check the feedback of happy customers!

I didn’t think a pillow would make all the difference. I work long hours and I wake up feeling like I’ve only slept a couple hours. Since purchasing SleepNow™, I can sleep through the whole night and wake up feeling alert and ready to start the day. Definitely recommend this!

I’ve used this pillow throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t have a single night of discomfort. I can adjust it, and customize its shape to fit my body and never worry about waking up in the middle of the night from tossing and turning. I will probably order another! Can’t live without it.

I’ve suffered from back, neck, and muscle pain as long as I can remember. Nothing has ever helped, not even medication from my doctor. With the stress I put on my body, I needed something that I could use everyday to relieve the pain. This pillow does the trick! The only insomnia antidote that worked for me and my husband.


  • Made from extra-soft fibers and a unique blend of hypoallergenic material
  • Adjustable to fit every body type and sleep position
  • Investment in a quality night sleep every night
  • Creates a cooling effect and allows moisture and vapor to escape


  • Selling like hotcakes. Stock limited

Bottom line: We all love a good night sleep, but not all of us could enjoy one… until now. Thanks to the innovative SleepNow™ Pillow, now everyone in your house can have a night of quality sleep, at an affordable price of only $44.00 with our special offer.

Still not convinced?

Join the happy sleepers with the latest advances in sleep care, for a friendly price. Forget the time lost tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep. Find the SleepNow™ benefits right away with a friendly discount and free shipping if you buy it now!

But there’s more to come…

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